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Tucson | Tucson Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Shawna and Michael Family Session

Shawna and I have been Instagram friends for awhile but have never met in person, so I thought.  I actually met Shawna late last November while she was photographing a wedding at the Tucson Botanical Garden. I was there, too, for another session.  I remember checking out her money maker (that’s a fancy dual camera holster brand). But, I didn’t know it was her until she posted a sneak peek of that wedding a few days later. It was like a scene from, You’ve Got Mail (1998). You know, the classic with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. We actually met and didn’t know it.  Star-Crossed Lovers, not actually lovers in our case but you get the idea.

Fast forward to this year, Shawna reached out to me to photograph her family. An amazing photographer is choosing me to photograph her family, umm… YES! Working with her family was super awesome, they were so easy to photograph. At the end of our session, I asked her and Michael to reenact a scene from, The Notebook (2004), first photo below. And they did it so well! With that, here are a few of my faves.

Tucson | Tucson Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Jane and John Family Session

Family session in the rain? Yes, please!

Yes we checked the forecast… a week before. But guys, it’s Tucson. It never rains more than 20 minutes max here. Jane asked me for plan b, in case it rains, in which I responded with an in-home/low-key lifestyle session alternative. Nah, she said to me, let’s go on an adventure. What?! Seriously? You’re speaking my love language and ummm…. YES! Let’s Go!

We met at the usual golden hour, it was drizzling by this time. I pulled out my quilt and told Jane, we have to move fast, are you ready? Yes, she said, let’s do this. We hiked up a small hill, 3 little people in-tow. I shot the first ½ of this session in 15 minutes.

Yes, you read that right, 15 minutes.

We hiked down and it poured on the way. Rain-shower all around us as I turned and asked Jane if she still wanted to check out the creek for a couple shots. Yes!, she said. Off we went… running while I kept shooting. I had a waterproof camera sleeve in my car but there was no time. By now, my camera was soaked. We were soaked. We laughed, the kids had a great time.

This was the funnest most epic family session I have ever shot. It took 20 minutes. Here are some of my fave!