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For my birthday this year, I wanted to head north east. I had 7 days to do this and decided on Ireland - my first European country. The only camera I carried with me was the Fuji x100F and it did not disappoint.

My husband found the sweetest little b&b in Doolin (Daly’s House Bed & Breakfast) and we spent 2 nights there while exploring the surrounding areas. Our host, Susan, was so amazing. We felt so welcomed and at home. The space was meticulously cleaned and thoughtfully decorated. I love her tea cups and the Irish tea in it. Mmmmm, I can finish the entire pot. Breakfast was always ready and delicious. And she always had the best recommendations on what to see and do around the area in any weather.

While in Doolin, it was always raining. We explored in wind and rain and enjoyed it so much. There’s no such thing as bad weather when traveling. It’s true. You just got to go with the flow and that’s what we did.

County Clare, Ireland: Doolin + Fanore + Ballyvaughan + Oughtdarra.

County Kerry, Ireland: Killarney + Dingle

Tucson | Tucson Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Julianna and Diego

I met Julianna and Diego at the cutest coffee shop in Tucson. They didn’t notice me as they entered, ordered their coffee, and sat right in front of my table. I remember thinking, these 2 people are so cute and so much in love. Being a photographer, naturally I took a photo. It was on my Instagram story for the day when the coffee shop owner reached out to me and asked if she could post it on her page. Six months later, one of Diego’s friend saw the photo, told him about it, and that’s when I got a message from him. It reads (more or less):

Hey Kring, … It’s a really good photo, I was just wondering if you had any other photos that you took that day so I could share with Julianna. If not I just want to say that it was a great photo and an awesome surprise to see! Thanks!

That was all it took, and here we are doing an adventure session together downtown. They are so cute! This is their story…


Real. Love. Story