Preparing for your session


A THANK YOU is in order. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your session. We are going to have so much fun! Get ready, as there will be a lot of dancing, walking, chasing, laughing during your session until the sun goes down.

My Approach:

During our session, You’ll see me doing a lot of talking and directing in the beginning. We’ll incorporate a lot of movements and intimate moments. It’s okay to be nervous. Come as you are. It’s not easy to be in front of a gigantic lens, I know - but see me as a friend as I will be 110% of that friend to you. The sweetest moment happens organically and I will do my best in directing you into your moments. After that, it’s just telling your love story through photographs - and that’s the best part of all.

Session Time:

Our session time depends solely on the location of our session together. Most outdoor session are scheduled 1.5 hours before sunset. The softest, most golden light of the day! We will shoot into the blue hour for the moody yummy-ness (yes, I promise that’s totally a word).


In case of rain, we will meet and decide on-location (unless there are some serious lighting happening then we will reschedule). Typically, it doesn’t rain more than 15-20 min. at any given time in Tucson + you will get the most epic clouds formation in your photograph. The environment sets the perfect mood and movement in a still photo, and you will love your photo even more for it - I promise.

Sunset as the storm was forming - with Miriam and Owen

Sunset as the storm was forming - with Miriam and Owen


Clothing choices can add to the mood of your photographs.

Choose pieces that you feel great in. You want to be able to move around comfortably while shooting. I recommend wearing a mix of softer solid, textured tones, and neutrals. These colors not only look great on skin tones, they also give that timeless feel to your photographs for many years to come.

Instead of wearing a matching outfit, coordinate your outfit. Think about your location and what would look best. Try to avoid super bright and neon colors as they tend to cause color casts on the skin-tone. Instead, choose neutral, soft, earthy, or primary tones with bright accessories.  


I highly suggest going bolder on your makeup as the camera can wash you out a bit. I think it is so important to feel beautiful the day of your session. If you need a great makeup artist referral please let me know.